Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Meeting

Well most of you have by now heard the story! Our wonderful daughter-in-laws, Megan Martin and Mandy Oberst came up with the idea for Bill & I to meet.  A few days after the girls mentioning it to each of us, I received my first e-mail from Bill.  It made me laugh -- he did a really good job on that first one for sure!  
The e-mails went back and forth rapidly the next few days and we agreed to get together.   I decided the "meeting" not a "date" should take place on neutral ground so we decided to meet 1/2 way in Toledo.  I chose Bob Evans as that is one of my favorite places to eat -- chicken salad plate, oh yeah!   The daughter-in-laws thought we had a lot in common. What they had not expected (and definitely not our kids) was that we would hit it off so well that in 3 weeks we would become engaged and married in less than 4 months. We have now been married over 6 months! God is so good and we are so very thankful for this second chance at happiness and give Him the glory.
Praise God!