Saturday, March 13, 2010

1st Driving Lesson

I am determined to attend the wedding of a very good friend’s daughter on June 19th.  Bill patiently explained that he would be fine with that as long as I was willing to take my turn each day driving.  We would only have 5 days to make it to British Columbia so he would need help.  Now granted I love driving a van and insist I need one to haul all my stuff and my people, but a 33’ motor home with a tow car????!!  Well I admitted I should do what I could to help, we picked up the motor home one exceptionally warm and sunny day in March and Bill drove it down to the state park a few miles from the condo.  I agreed to practice there as I would only have to go 10 miles an hour and there wouldn’t be much traffic that time of year.   I have to say it was challenging to keep it between the lines and watch what was in front of me (forget what was behind me!).  But on top of that he wanted me to be careful and steer clear of the tree branches on the right side, which is where I tend to hug the road.  Then I put my foot down and said, “Now wait a minute I’ll do my best to keep it in the middle of the road and watch in front but I can’t watch for trees too.”  It wasn’t till a couple months later that I asked him what happened to the light outside the door of the motor home and he said, “Someone hit some tree branches.”  I then realized that would have been me that first day at the park and he graciously had given me an A-.  Now I know where the minus came from.  He was very patient, generous and encouraging.  I will now try very hard to not veer to the right.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life In Grand Blanc

Can’t say I haven’t had some adjustments to make….but life is very good in Grand Blanc.  I love the church at Bristol Road and making friends with some great people. 
I am enjoying getting involved with Small Groups, Bible classes and HIS Ministry, that provides food & clothing to people of the community.  Working and studying together brings God’s people closer and unites them in a special way.  Bill had been volunteering as a driver for the Cancer Society and I have joined him when I can in that endeavor.  We meet so many people suffering from this horrible disease but dealing with it with grace and dignity.  It’s a blessing to spend time getting to know them.  We also try to spend as much time with our 4 grandchildren (we had a new one born this past March 14th, a little girl to Jason & Mandy).   Three only live about ½ hour drive from us, another tremendous blessing.  The move has added about another 1-1/2 hour to our drive to Tennessee to see Grayden but we have made several trips to see him (and their parents of course) and actually brought Grayden home for a week.  That was a real treat! 

The holidays were hectic but very exciting.  We had all of our kids and grandkids here for "Christmas" on New Year's Weekend.  David came from Texas, Brian from Ohio and Rob, Jennifer & Grayden from Tennessee.  Kyle, Megan & Jackson and Jason, Mandy & Blair of course were only 1/2 hr away.  Oh yeah, and all 3 granddogs, can't forget them as they are definitely part of the family.   Bad news was my system went on overload and I came down with multi-infections which put me in bed and Bill in charge of everything.  Shock to his system but he did a great job.  He was also overwhelmed with my "Christmas" decorations...but then got into the swing of things and we went out and purchased a 12' artificial flocked tree and all the red decorations we could find for the living room.  And of course we had to have a stocking for everyone, dogs included and Itsy #2 (Named Brynn Layne when she was born March 14th).   Such a blessing....we look forward to many more Christmases together.  

And how could I not mention the photo shoot of the 3 oldest grandkids (taken just days before Brynn's arrival).  Bill & I came up with this idea to take all 3 to Portrait Innovations to have their picture taken together.  We thought we could handle that ... sure!!  So thankful that Kyle offered to accompany us.  Talk about chaos...Blair had been sick and was very emotional which just confused and scared the boys.  The people at the photo shoot were so patient and good they managed to get these great pictures of the kids.  The one of the 3 of them below was  actually they way most of it went.  LOL.  We love the pictures and are glad we did it.  Can't wait to take all four of them next time.  Hopefully all the parents can make that one.!!  LOL.

Much time has been spent traveling back and forth to Ohio & Michigan as we are working on the house there.  Still trying to combine two households and meshing our priorities and lives but Life is Good and we thank God for the chance to be retired and serve Him and our families.