Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Motorhome

Another new blessing in my life!  Bill has a very, very nice motor home which he has traveled with and I am starting to get the hang of it and loving it.  My past experience has been tent camping or cabins.  I actually love all that too.  However, with age I have to say that this is the life!!  Haha.  We plan to do some Sojourner trips, which is a Church of Christ RV mission group that travels to different places helping where needed at orphanages, youth camps, churches and sometimes disaster areas.  Looking forward to that work and praying God gives me the ability and stamina to be an asset to this wonderful group.  

Back in August right after we were engaged, Bill planned this fabulous trip to Alaska --- 46 days with a motor home tour group starting at mile marker 0 on the Alkan Highway from Dawson Creek, British Columbia all through Alaska.  There will be 24 motor homes in all traveling together and campsites, events, tours, sightseeing has all been planned by the tour group.  We just have to get there fall into place and enjoy…so Yea!  We plan to spend a couple weeks going through the Canadian Rockies on our own after the tour and possibly shooting down to Denver, CO to see son, David and revisit our “Lily Lake”.  Maybe even stop in to see Grayden in Nashville on the way home??!!  This is going to be fun.  We will keep you informed on this trip which will be starting on June 18th…watch the blog for updates and pictures of Alaska & more!