Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1st Shakedown Trip

First we have to make sure everything is in working order and the motor home is packed sufficiently.  We will be gone for 2-1/2 months so we need to make sure we have everything.  We took our first “shakedown” trip to Nashville, TN.  We combined visiting Jennifer, Rob & Grayden (oh yeah, Riley too) with trying out our packing job.  I had a great time with both…we did pretty well but made notes as to what we were missing and needed to add.   I also drove for about 30 miles on I-75 pulling the tow car!  Granted I did not pass anyone, just stayed in the right lane from one rest area to the next. Okay it wasn’t amazing but I was glad to turn the beast back over to Bill.  He was very sweet but I believe he was happy to drive once again. 

We took a side trip to the Nashville Zoo (using the tow car) with Grayden during our visit.  It was a beautiful day, he was perfect and we had so much fun.  He experienced his first Carousel ride -- wasn't sure he liked it after all but then again it was at the end of the day and all 3 of us were extremely tired.  It was time for a nap for Grayden, Grandpa & Grandma!  We had planned to go on Saturday with Rob & Jennifer but it was forecast for 100% rain on Saturday.  So...Grandpa, Grandma & Grayden set off alone on Friday -- it was beautiful that day and we had a blast.  


On Saturday with all the rain we decided to take Grayden bowling for his very first time.  I have to say he almost beat us all...but then again he did have the advantage of the bumpers & the aide to guide the ball.  We were all jealous of him.  It was lots of fun too.

It was great to spend time with all of them and practice “RVing”.  I am really getting used to this life.