Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lily Lake, Colorado

Bill had volunteered his time and energy at a Christian Dude Ranch, Wind River Ranch, Estes Park, Colorado.  He had driven his motor home out there by himself and was staying in it while doing whatever they needed done, from huge volumes of dishes, helping to cook, setting tables and clearing them . . . wherever the Lord needed him.  I flew out to Denver for a few days and Bill turned over the motor home to me and moved into the male staff bunkhouse.  I had never been anywhere in that area of the United States so it was a beautiful and wonderful experience.  Bill officially proposed and gave me a beautiful ring at Lily Lake. 

We spent some time exploring the Rocky Mountains --- some of God’s most magnificent work.  We could see His power, love and gift all around us.  We spent a full day driving into the Rockies.  This awesome sight and experience was hard to capture on film but it was an amazingly beautiful day.