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OCTOBER 21, 2012

I, of course have never been to Utah and if you had ever asked me if I wanted to go there, I would have said, “Sure! When are we leaving, how long are we going to be gone and what do I have to pack?”  Why? Because I have always been one who likes to “GO”.  But if you had asked me to list my top 50 places to visit I would not have said Utah.  I had never really heard anything about it.  People travel places and tell you how great it was and there are always advertisements enticing you to a specific location.  But to my recollection I have never heard “anyone” say “anything” about Utah. 

Let me tell you – it has been the most wonderful surprise of our trip.  If you are looking for somewhere to vacation, check out the Arches National Park & Canyon Land National Park in Moab, Utah. 

We had planned our route and Bill decided he wanted to stay on 70W until we hit 15S, highways the whole way.  After all we were seeing beautiful country from the highways.  

I decided to check “Mapquest” for our route to see what towns we were going to be going through. Then, as I was “Mapquesting” it was telling me the same thing “Naggy” (the GPS) was – that we should take 191 South, it was approximately 200 miles and several hours shorter. 

Bill was hesitant to take a road he was not familiar with, afraid it would not travel well for the RV so we stopped at a Visitor’s Center before that decision had to be made.  The lady there told Bill to definitely take 191 that it would go straight through Moab and you would not want to miss that.  We are very thankful to that lady and the inclination to stop and ask her advice.  

As we traveled down 191 that landscape took on an entirely new dimension.  Rock formations, cliffs, spires, canyons, red rock/dirt, just amazing, majestic, gynormous, structures everywhere around us.  It was like Christmas had come.  Presents everywhere.  Bill had never been that way before either so it was doubly fun for us. 

For a couple on a trip they were not sure was even going to happen and then find out that our Plan A to go to Yellowstone was nixed because of the cold temperatures, re-group, set out in a different direction and find the treasures we found along the way, INCREDIBLE!!

This is a port a potty at the Visitor's Center Bill made his inquiry!

This family was at the sign, the kids seemed to like the idea of being in our picture.  It was
crowded that Saturday, no way to get a picture of it alone.  LOL

Anyway, after arriving in Moab, we checked out the Visitor’s Center and hunted for a campground.  The Arches National Park Campground was full – it was Saturday and there were a lot of events going on at the park.  We found a KOA several miles down the road, set up camp and headed back to the “Arches” in our tow car.  We spent 3 hours driving from viewpoint to viewpoint, taking pictures and marveling at every new turn, every new “sculpture” of God’s.  We just completed it by dark and headed back to KOA for the night.

Balanced Rock -- How long will it stay balanced?


I thought this one looked like a partridge perched on the rock.

Bill wanted to trade the Motor Home in on this "Hippie" Van.  I didn't
like the idea too much!  LOL


The entrance to the Sand Dune Arch (Bill went without me, too much walking?)

This is the Sand Dune Arch

Another window with the sun setting on it.


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