Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OCTOBER 19, 2012

As anxious as we were to keep heading toward the Grand Canyon I was a little sad to be leaving the Colorado Rockies.  I was also rather tired and thought I would sleep in the next day and let Bill hit the road early while I just caught up on some rest.  When I told him of this great plan, he commented, “I don’t think you are going to want to miss the scenery, I’m sure you will find a lot of opportunities for photos!” 

Seriously, the snow was on the ground outside the car window!
This is Vail Colorado ski slopes.  Where all the rich go to ski!
Bill likes these ramps for the truck drivers to take if they loose control to get off the road.

 Well, I have to admit that I drive him crazy.  I just can’t stop myself, I mean I try, I really do!  I take a few pictures and then we get a little closer and I take some more and then we are right up on a magnificent sight and I have to take a few more.  Then I say, “Okay, that probably is all we will see for a while.”  I actually turn the camera off, put it in the bag and we turn another corner and WOW!  I get excited grab the camera, open the window, turning it on and taking the lens cap off at the same time.  (Oh yeah, Bill has been having a real struggle with the wind, he has a hard time driving more than 25 miles an hour when the winds are whipping, my opening the window doesn’t help that situation!)

Going into the Tunnel

Coming out of the tunnel
Who lives here?????  I wouldn't want to drive down from there in the snow!

So I get a little carried away and driving through Colorado into Utah I took about 1500 pictures.  I really did restrain myself.  Trying to capture the splendor and glory of God through His spectacular changing landscapes.  Every angle and dimension is a work of art.  So driving through the mountains with Praise music blaring, Bill and I are just wearing silly smiles, saying, WOW, I mean WOWSER, I mean WOWSERS!  Amazing beauty everywhere I look. 

I spent some time getting the pictures down to under 400, I will not share all of those with you.  Needless to say, I never left the front to take a rest --- Bill was right I did not want to miss one moment of the scenery as it unfolded in front of us.

It eventually got too dark to take pictures.
  But I still tried to catch the sunset

Made it into Utah!  Is this one on your bucket list?  I will fill you in on that in the next blog post. 

A PS from Bill:  Sheila really is obsessed with the pictures.  They rule her life.  Digital cameras were made for people like Sheila.  If we had a film camera I would have to lock it up.  But I’m glad she can have this much fun . . . and with a rechargeable battery!

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